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Why Us?

The basketball world is growing rapidly around the globe. The players from selected countries are turning out to be very skilled, often times more skilled than their counter parts in the United States. The numbers of athletic scholarships offered by colleges and universities to build championship programs are not being filled by the kind of athletes most coaches are looking for.

Now we fully understand that the top twenty or thirty schools are selecting from those identified as 5 star players, the rest of NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II are not finding the numbers that they once were.

Our best guess is that our secondary education system has lowered their standards and players are relying on AAU opportunities to play a very high number of games in the summer, sacrificing the very time of the year when individual skill sets should be improved and expanded.

The days of players going to summer camps and having Hubie Brown or Rick Pitino teaching them fundamentals and drilling them in those fundamentals several times a day has been replaced with shorter camps and more games.  SPLASH HOOPS LLC thinks it has the answer for coaches looking for high quality players to come and impact the quality of the specific college program.

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