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  1. Our event in Belgrade is postponed until further notice
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The vision of the organization is to build a bridge, easily accessible from either side, that will provide for an easy exchange of information and encourage coaches to recruit internationally, and for players who dream of coming to the United States to get educated and improve their basketball resume.

The organization hopes to have direct access to professionals who can guide each group to building relationships with the other. Our goal certainly is to see the players in our organization have great success and the coaches in our organization build championship programs.

Additionally, it is our hope that these talent exchanges will offer a campus an opportunity to diversify the student body and allow students from different countries, cultures and educational systems to have open and healthy exchanges that will benefit all who participate.


The Splash Hoops mission, simply stated, is to open communication lines between talented players with expanded opportunity.  Those opportunities will come from NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA schools who are looking for basketball talent.

It should be stated clearly that we are presently limiting our efforts to basketball, but not basketball for males.  We are open to working with basketball players regardless of gender.  If we can be successful in building these communication lines, it will be out mission to increase our opportunities for athletes in other sports as well.

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