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Letter To Coaches

There are many reasons to recruit international students into your basketball programs.

The most important is that the level of talent that is available via international recruiting is not readily available to ALL programs in the United States.  We fully understand that you have to select kids with POTENTIAL and that does not always work out.

You have to hope they grow into the player that you or others project them to be, and then you have to wait 3 or 4 years for that growth and development to materialize.  The international player is generally very fundamentally sound, they can shoot (including free throws) and know how to play defense and play offense from the fundamentals forward.  The almost always have great feet and hands and maybe the biggest plus is the basketball IQ that they possess.  I know that the NCAA and other organizations have not always made it easy to get these players into school and get them eligible.

Splash Hoops LLC will make sure that all of their events are certified by the NCAA (NCAA applied for) and will make sure that the players are English speaking and have sound academic principles.  Those whose academic profile is too difficult to translate will be encouraged to attend a prep school environment or begin the process at the junior college level.

Once the process is fully operational, the athletes will have taken the TOFUL and/or the ACT/SAT and we will have made your job even easier.

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Thank You.