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  1. Our event in Belgrade is postponed until further notice
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We have been engaged in determining the easiest and most efficient methods of getting international players to be seen by college and university coaches of all levels and then getting them scholarship offers from those institutions.

The process that we are perfecting as you read this, includes academic information regarding transcripts and what the organizations here in the US require.  Also included are the different tests that are required and how to go about getting scores that will qualify for college/university admission.  The TOFUL test measures a players grasp of reading and writing English and the SAT or ACT measures the basic knowledge level of the player as he enters college.  There are minimum test scores required on each of these and instructions on eligibility regarding all of these things will be included in the process.


Now is When – Splash Hoops LLC is announcing the first live event that will bring players from Eastern Europe and coaches with scholarships together in the same place.  This event will also be filmed in HD quality video so that coaches that cannot attend the first Splash Hoops Showcase can review the talent on the videos and make selections that way.

The first event is scheduled for Belgrade, Serbia on April 21, 22, 23, 2017.


The Splash Hoops LLC (NCAA applied for) Showcase will be held at the “SPORTSKI CENTAR VIZURA” gymnasium complex in Belgrade and that complex is attached to a four-star hotel that is offering a first-time package that is both affordable and convenient.

The package for coaches will be all inclusive, including live access to the event, access to all video available on our site and a four (4) night stay at the GARNI CITY CODE VIZURA HOTEL with breakfast included each day.


There is a need on both sides of this issue.  The players need access to the coaches and the coaches need access to the players.  With few institutions offering huge budgets for INTERNATIONAL recruiting, being able to come to Belgrade and see many very talented players in one setting; seeing them go through drills managed by skilled coaches and professional players; seeing them play in a 5 on 5 setting with officials, and all this in a quality arena for an affordable cost.


The owners and professional employees that will be managing this project have years of experience in international basketball.  They are familiar with all the requirements that often become barriers for the athletes and the coaches who want to recruit them.  This highly skilled and experienced group are also familiar with the inconsistencies and corruption that is often involved with these kind of transactions and we are committed to being professional and transparent.

While there will be fees involved regarding different levels of services for both the players and the coaches, these feels will be clear and up-front.  There will be no hidden fees and no surprises when the scholarship paperwork is on the table.

Splash Hoops, LLC does not offer any services to professional basketball players that are under professional contract or have been in the past

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